As one can readily see, my former student, Kirsten, is capably following in my footsteps. Our mutual trepidation is that we will both be leaving teaching someday, and our students will be teaching the next generation. Nuf said.


Cleaning your room can be thought as if you have a dirty record then you go to a place

with all the slobs a screw ups in prison.

When I lived in the dessert . . .

Ebola attacks the blood and eternal organs . . .

The weather is glommy all year round.

The way they were packed was unperfectional.

Through my justifications you find all these messages, maybe not the answer

you were looking for, but the truth is there wheather you accept it or not it is there.

Third, our town is into man drugs.

I would not want to trade places with Diana, Princess of Whales.

The way the cottagers reacted toward the monster made him feel all this hatred toward mankind,

sparkplugging his future violence.

The destruction of innocent lives is the utmost abdominal crime . . .

The next thing you know you start vomiting yourself to death. [This is an attempt to describe

the symptoms of Ebola.]

In trueth, they are important and pressiouse.

Each member will be given a set meal plan for Monday-Fridays lunch. With snakes included.

[In a fitness-centered utopia]

We can still be civilized human beans and be kind to each other in the toughest of times.

The main character's brother was kicked out of college for date-rapping a girl.

Child labor has been nothing but a pelage on the earth since forever.

Even though it was painful, she had to grit and bare it.

Power is a powerful thing.

Some simple circumstances can escalade into a harsh reality.

This quest for self-insertion is not uncommon in today's heroes.

Integrity is one of the most important things a person can consume.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth sounds good until everyone is blind

and toothless. [I think this one is actually profound.]

He seemed like a thwarted child denied of his juice.

These help to paint the overall "heart-ship" I felt at the time by explaining egsactly

what I didn't understand and how overwelmed I must have felt.

Got booked (thing that impacted this student's life the most); the judge also "did him wrong.

She teached me to read.

My dad always bails me out when I'm the brink of groundation when fighting with my mom.

Her parents got devoiced.

Thomas More was convicted to death.

This is the author's way of showing the audience the unjusticeness and criticizement

within the character's own marriage.

Our conversation just enloped to the questions on the test.

Title for a Pride and Prejudice essay: The Life and Times of Britsch Society

Jane Austen wants us to realize that love can concur all. (I do not concur.)

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's relationship is problematic because they are married to each other.

Austen shows that rushing into love for material possessions can cause a marriage full of satire.

My third point ties nicely into junk food being bad for you, but on a more pinpoint radium.

This quote improvides the point I am trying to make.

First we were on a rocket ship to the moon, and now Im on a ship near Jupider. Confuseled!

In my opinion, hate crimes are wrong and there should be a law against them to illuminate the crimes.

Ancient Rome was a time when political ruling burst through the atmosphere.

In Julius Caesar, Brutus turned out to be the kind of person that was a little off in the head, like his

head was not screwed on tight enough. He is also slightly tedious.

These two examples of personification show the reader that the situation is easeful

and untroubled.

This quote shows his dedication and the overtaking power that greed has betrothed on him.

The personification Shakespeare uses in his poem sheds us a creative idea.

I believe the discipline we adapt and the strenuous situations we are put in teach us perennial lessons

that are indubitably priceless.

I lived through the ordeal in order to share my tail.

The novel points out the cons and procons of life.

Arthur does have some force over the country, but Lancelot may have more because he could

beat Arthur in batter.

Pip thinks he is too good to be in Joe's presents.
If no mail hair is in the family, when the older man dies, the rest of the family loses everything,

and all their stuff goes to the closest related mail relative.

People are people.
Through Frankenstein's monster, Shelley may be trying to convey that monsters aren't stupid.

Ways to spell "ricochet" according to my lovelies: recisha, rickashae, rickachey, riqueche,

rickishay, rickyshade, ricoset