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Photo Gallery

Denise and Sophie--Can you tell which one is show quality?

Mom and Pop

The brother from---well, you know.

Sophie in a proper mood

Sophie in a silly mood

Backyard Oasis

EU Humanities Department 1955-2005

Teacher (a la) mode -- Spring 2005 -- Old army barracks office

Trask Hall--Fall 2005

My wonderful digs today!

View of the inner campus from outside Trask Hall

Summer Seminar 2006

Ice Storm January 2007 $$$

Sweet dog, Baby

The best Mom in the world! 1917--2005

The Two Tenors (with Lily Fern Weatherford) 1999

Bernie Kosar (ex-Browns QB) and fan

Bernie signing my shirt 1992

With Denise at General Council 1989

My ride--'87 Mustang GT--Love this car!

After church in Ivory Coast 1983

Storm approaching on the West African coast

Welcome to ???

A Hallmark moment--Waterfall at Man, Ivory Coast 1983

Making a mountain out of an anthill?

Nautical Pose on the Ivory Coast

Mark Twain riverboat pilot imitation - Key Biscayne

Bacchus and friend at The Vizcaya in Miami

Dreaming at the Vizcaya Tea House in Miami

Bookbuster Pals

In the Swiss Alps 1975

Zermatt, Germany

Overlooking Florence, Italy

At the Colloseum (or two old ruins)

Roman Holiday

Always good to know!

Slow day at the cafe

Eiffel view of Paris

Notice the grass line--not a true perspective!

At the Louvre

Outside Parliament in London

Kutya Pequena pup and friend 1972

Perfect way to spend a day

San Francisco tourist

American Studies mentor, Dr. Alma J. Payne 1969

Family at BGSU--early 1960s (BG=Before Glasses)

My first love--1969--truly!

Brother's Top Gun imitation before Body by Gravity

With Hymntime Singers at KY3 in Springfield MO 1965

Hymntime Singers trio 1965

See anyone you know?

BGSU Madrigal Singers 1964 (Dr. Fiora Contino far right)

Tabernacle Trio 1959

Four-year-old Tomboy 1946

Fashion model 1946

With the '37 DeSoto

Little Fisherwoman 1945

Grandparents----Hungarians always look angry for some reason

Daddy's girl 1943









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